Doggier Kruger / Deka Master
Doggie Kruger
Origin Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2004)
Alias Boss
The Underworld's Guard Dog
Hades' Guard Dog
The Dawg
Type Alien / Dog
Role Ally
Home World Anubis
Other residences Earth
Weapon D-Sword Vega
Status Alive
English Voice John Tui
Japanese Voice Tetsu Inada
Doggie Kruger / Deka Master is the commander of S.P.D.'s Earth branch, and mentor to the Dekarangers.


  • Doggie has a portrait in his office of him with another member of his race, which happens to be his Power Rangers redesigned counterpart Anubis "Doggie" Cruger.
    • In fact, Doggie is voiced by his PR counterpart's actor, John Tui, in an appropriate reversal of the convention of the Dekarangers' actors dubbing over their american counterparts wher Power Rangers SPD was being dubbed in Japan.
Deka Master ~ SPD Shadow Ranger

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