Dino Ultrazord
Dino ultrazord by chipmunkraccoon2-d8ogx7y
Kana 究極大獣神
Romaji Kyūkyoku Daijūjin
Japanese Ultimate Daizyujin
Ultimate Great Beast God
Origin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)
Alias Super Dino Ultrazord
Type Mecha
Role Summon
Home World Endor
Weapon Dino Sword Excelsior
Mammoth Shield
English Voice Michael Crawford
Tom Wyner
Japanese Voice Masashi Ebara
Tesshō Genda
"By the seven powers combined, I am Dino Ultrazord!"
—Dino Ultrazord

Dino Ultrazord is the combination of Dino Megadzillazord and Titanus the Carrierzord. He is made up of the Seven Guardians of Light, the Dinozords, he is the mightiest of all their combinations. He originated in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


His finisher includes a massive barrage of energy called the Mega Barrage (グランバニッシャー, Guran Banisshā, "Grand Banisher").


Action Quotes

  • "By the seven powers combined, I am Dino Ultrazord!"
    upon being summoned
  • "Mega Barrage!"
    when using or finishing Mega Barrage
  • "The power is yours!"
    when dismissed


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