Dian Wei
Kana 典韋 てん い
Origin Dynasty Warriors
Alias The Coming Evil
Type Somebody
Role Protagonist
Age 27
Home World China (homebase)
Disney Castle (homebase)
Weapon Axe
Status Alive
Dian Wei is one of the strong arms of Wei. He is a bodyguard of Cao Cao along with Xu Zhu.


Dian Wei serves as one of the main heroes in the story. He is willing to protect his master and also cares for others. He can sometimes go angry when a friend of Cao Cao dies. This is first seen when Belle's neck is snapped by Gaston causing Dian Wei to threaten to rip the evil hunter apart. Dian Wei is first seen when he is told to wake the other major generals of Wei for a special adventure.


  • You can count on me to wreck some havoc.

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