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Diamonds Are Forever is the Second Missions from the Past.


Diamonds Are Forever

  • King enters his room only to see that Ayano Katagiri is sitting in his chair

King: Impressive... You where able to get here without my guards noticing you.

Ayano Katagiri: It is as simple as calling myself King even though my Real name is Wrath or Being a member of the society your men kills which is actually the society that created you. That will be on the News Papers, News and Radio broadcasts tomorrow! I will ruin you, your organization and your father. Happy. Holidays. King!

King: Hahaha! If you can get out of here alive...

Ayano Katagiri: Matter of fact. Let us change history King! The strongest man of their nation! Killed by a Thirteen-year-old girl! How humiliating!

King pulls out a sword and immediately attacks Ayano

-Defeat King!-

-Objective Complete!-

  • The screen changes to Ayano closing the door of King’s room*

Ayano Katagiri: Make sure the whole universe know I am the one who have done this... Nexus... Oh and make sure you will make a replica of him do not wana mess with History or maybe not... Ahh whatever! I will tell you when I get back there!

  • The Screen fades and shows a Radio in Las Venturas*

Link: Breaking News! King the strongest man in their nation is killed by a thirteen-year-old girl named Ayano Katagiri! The CIA report that King was involved in the Death of Final Remnant the most powerful Gang boss of Liberty City around December 24, 2017 as King had multiple gunshot wounds. The LCPD was left nothing but with Egg on their faces, as they do not know where to find this killer or anything about the organization! More later on Lifestream News Radio.

Carl Johnson: Who the hell is King?

Sweet: Got no idea bro.

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