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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Symphony of Broken Dreams
Alias Di
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 12
Home World Fifth Hope
Family Lea (father), Xaed (mother)
Weapon Hands
Attribute Fire
Status Alive

"You really want to know why? It's becuase I.... love you."

Di-Axys (Dee-Axe-ees) is the daughter of Lea and Xaed. She appears as a main and playable character from Kingdom Hearts: Sonata of Broken Dreams.



Di-Axys, much like her mom and dad, is very loud and bad-a**. She will stand up for anything she thinks is right and won't take crap from anyone. This might be the reason why Alexander clings to her. Because of her age she is looked down upon the many other in the group, just like her mother was. To prevent this from happening, she swears a lot. Phixx, on tthe other hand, dosn't do that at all. An example is when a giant Nightmare was about to attack and she remarked; "Let's kick its ass!" and Phixx leered at her. Quickly she changed it to, "I mean- kick its butt! Right... that's what i meant...".


Alexander- When he was seperated from Phixx, he clinged to her the most, even though she is younger than him. But when a nobody knocked down and hurt her in Twilight Town on Sunset Hill, he went into demon form and started to destroy everything, hinting that he loves her. To stop him, she ran up behind him, hugged him and kissed him on cheek, telling him; "I love you... please don't hurt anyone!"

Xaed- Her mother. Di-Axys looks up to her because of the struggles she had when she was younger. Di-Axys actually has the same problem of being looked down upon by the rest of the group, so she tries to act older.






  • She one of the few kids who have an "X" in their name, the others being Phixx and Alexander
  • She is the only of the human kids to still have attribute
  • She is seen to have a romantic relationship with Alexander

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