Destiny Islands

Destiny Islands is a world in Inexistent Misadventure. It originates from the Kingdom Hearts universe.

The town of this pleasant tropical archipelago is located on the larger island. The smaller island, on the other hand, is the playground of the world's youngsters. The islands are surrounded by a calm ocean, which sparkles beautifully as the sun sets.

The legendary Paopu fruit is native, and exclusive, to Destiny Islands.


Young Xehanort, during his first
encounter with Sorceror Nobody
At the start of his journey, Destiny Islands is the first true world visited by Sorceror Nobody. Here, he meets the young Xehanort, who is fascinated by the outside world. The duration of this visit is cut short, however, when Xehanort obtains his Keyblade, which on contact with Sorceror Nobody causes the latter to be flung from the world to an unknown destination.
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