Kingdom Hearts Legacy


  1. Countdown to Extinction (Battle Theme)
  2. Sound of Madness (World Theme, subject to change)
  3. Unforgiven II (Xion's Theme)
  4. One-Winged Angel Advent Children Version (Xolduc's Theme)

Kingdom Hearts: Arcana

  1. Mysterious [Nathaniel's Theme]
  2. Pleasures of Combat
  3. Muramasa

Kingdom Hearts The Data Book

  1. A Boy's Search
  2. Fight with a part of Him
  3. Cloaked Girl
  4. The Two of Them

Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos

Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant

Avastar: Kingdom Hearts

  1. Owen's Theme
  2. Divinity
  3. The World's Enemy

Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories

Darkness and Light

  1. A Shadow
  2. Genuine Devil (Yami Dark's battle music)
  3. Hunter of the Dark (Ulmia Dark's battle music)

Kingdom Hearts: Awakening

  1. Silver Will -Map Theme Ver.-
  2. Back to Your Friends (Allen Trius's battle music)
  3. The Merciless Savior (Crono Silverius's battle music)
  4. Silver Will -Bonus Ver.-

Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War

Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence

  1. Nightmare

Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts

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