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Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts
DRKH logo.png
Desutinīzu Rīchi: Kingudamu Hātsu
Developer(s) The Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki Community
Genre Fighting, Role-playing Game

Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts is a fanmade game created as a group project on the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki. Its battle system, play mode, and general concept is identical to Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

The game gathers twenty characters from ten different fanon stories hosted on this wiki, including two bonus characters from two separate fanons. It brings back Sora, corrupted by darkness, and Riku as the main antagonist and main protagonist, respectively. Both of whom summoned ten warriors to fulfill their motives: Riku, to combat "Dark Sora" and restore peace to the worlds, and "Dark Sora", to combat the ten heroes Riku summoned, achieve universal domination, and unlock Kingdom Hearts.



Sora, the Keyblade's chosen, stumbled upon an ancient darkness, and accidentally unleashed it. With a will of its own, it possessed the body of our hero.

Now under the influence of the darkness, Sora began to wreak havoc upon the worlds, summoning Heartless to run rampant and conquer them. All those who dared to resist him were defeated without mercy.

Sora's long-time friend, Riku, took notice to the corrupted worlds and the damage it caused.

Knowing he could not face him on his own, he looked into his heart for the answer. There, he found a special light — one that transcends dimensions.

From this light, Riku summoned ten heroes to help vanquish the darkness. They fought many battles, and even helped reclaim some of the worlds.

But of course, the darkness within Sora took notice, and he too looked into his heart...

From it, he reanimated ten villains; ten villains destined to destroy the ten heroes, and aide him in his conquest...

...and the battle of a lifetime was on.


Player characters are split between supporting the cause of Riku and Sora. Both summoned the characters from the series with their own motives: Riku wishes to protect the universe from Sora, and Sora summoned the villains to counteract Riku's heroes.

There are twenty-two playable characters in all; a hero and a villain from ten fanons, and a secret character from two others.




The game has twelve arenas, ten serving as an important site of conflict between the heroes and the villains in their original games, and the other two being entirely new areas.

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