BG9 Profile
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past
Type Kage-Shin
Weapon Cannon
Attribute Air
Status N/A
Demoran is the air elemental type Kage-Shin and the member of Shadow Emperor's army.


Demoran is very tall  wears a white mask that conceals his entire head, as the front has a peak with slits on both sides for sight. His entire form is hidden under a white high collared cloak, beaneth it is his body clad in light scaled armor.


Demoran is conisdered ruthless, going to extreme lengths to kill any targets regardless of those are defenceless and willing to obey his Shadow Emperor's every command. 



Demoran is able to command the elements of air by will, manipulate them to attack his opponents in battle. Using his high intelligence to learn incredibly fast and calculates their movements. As an Air elemental user, Demoran can even transform his entire being into wind and disperse to avoid physical attacks.


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