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Demon Wolf
Alias The beautiful man of red, Demon Wolf, The man of madness and blood. The Demon of Blood
Type Human
Role Villain
Weapon Blade of Darkness
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive


Demon is seen in the Dark world for the first time talking to Luna. he then uses the wolf's to attack Sarah and Wolf. But he failed then he went to attack Alex latter on. Later He attacks Alex and Choco at the river in Wold of Okami. He used Heartless to attack but Alex killed them and attacked Demon. In the holy blade order Him and the demons attacked a strange person and the person killed them. Alex tried to save them but they died.

Demon Returns

Demon is seen in a burning village. Demon then leaves to Find Alex.


Demon is nice some times but he is evil. He got mad when Wolf beat him. He was sad to die and it not be by Alex. He was happy when he died in Alex's hands. He was happy to meet Luna. He likes anything red as long as it was red he liked it. It's unknown why he killed a whole town it might be when he killed them there blood was red.


Demon Wears a Black cloak. Has yellow eyes and black wings. It was said that Demon was beautiful he loved red very much he would wear red everyday he gained the nick name The beautiful man of red.

Fighting style

Chibi is a power of his that makes every one a chibi but if they don't have a chibi then they can't attack him. He can summon Anima to aid him in battle. He can use Death to kill any one in battle if there time is up. He uses darkness to make anything to fight with in battle. A lot of times he uses one of 3 spells Anima, Death or Chibi.

How he got his name

Demon got his name by killing his whole town and from then on the people called him Demon where ever he went.


  • Alex, you still help me even in Death.
  • You Worm i should have killed you.
  • Your worthless i should have left you for the beasts.
  • I should bash your head in.
  • I'm not like you i can kill someone or anyone.
  • You worthless Worm you don't get it i'm not like anyone i killed a whole town to get my name.


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