Della Duck
Della Duck.png
Origin DuckTales (2017)
Type Duck
Role Party Member
Home World Twilight Town
Family Donald Duck (twin brother)
Huey, Dewey and Louie (sons)
Scrooge McDuck (uncle)
Weapon Spear
English Voice Paget Brewster
Japanese Voice Yuuko Sumitomo

Della Duck is a secondary character from DuckTales 2017. She appears in Kingdom Hearts 3.5 as a party member.

Kingdom Hearts 3.5

Della is first met after the battle with the assassin Puma in the Time of Thieves world frozen in a crystal. Sora and Donald break the crystal and take her back to Mickey's Castle. When she wakes up, Della is elated to see her brother for the first time in days, but also worries for her boys. Sora and Kairi take Della through Twilight Town and she saves her boys from a wild Heartless. Della then takes up a magic elemental spear and pledges to fight alongside Sora.


Della can use an elemental spear. She and also use her scarf to lash enemies.


  • (defeating an enemy) I've still got it!
  • (defeating an enemy) I feel a victory song coming over me.
  • (using Fire Shot) Sparked you good!
  • (if the opponent team uses an EMP during a multiplayer match) WE GOT EMP'D! We can't electrics like this!
  • (winning a Multiplayer match) My scarf didn't fly off, did it?
  • (winning a Multiplayer match) Yahoo! Family really is the greatest adventure of all!
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