"A blade forged from Allen's resurrection.
It empowers the rage and sorrow of the afterlife."
Strength Magic
+11 +0
Allen Trius
Cannibal Hit.
Fight Tabuu.

Detahblade is a weapon used by Allen Trius in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. It is obtained after both losing to Tabuu and finishing Part Two of the story.


Deathblade has a dark indigo handle and no hilt. The blade immediately opens to a large W shape, curves inward, and flares back outward. From there it gradually curves back inward, and the end of the blade has an opening, similar to Twin Lance.

Deathblade has a blood red blade, although the initial W shape has a golden border.


  • Because of the split in the story, Deathblade can only be equipped after Part Two of the story, leaving it unavailable to the player for an entire third of the game.

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