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Death Aelx
Death hooded.jpg
Role Villan
Attribute Wind
Status Dead

Death Aelx is a chunky stickman made with the spraypaint tool in paint and enemy in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book. He is a Nobody, and does not like Wolf much like how no one likes him. He is the leader of Nobodies of Darkness, because he is a nobody.


When Wolf joins Nobodies of Darkness. Death starts testing him on a few missions to see who strong he is.  Apparently death gives a shit about this guy.

Death falls

Death dies when Alex Stabs him with his lance of holy light. He fades into the Darkness and Alex warps the darkness into Kingdom Hearts.  Had he simply went into a dark room with his eyes closed he would be invisible so really it's his own fucking fault.

The Book Of Life

The Book Of Death