Origin Marvel Comics
Alias Wade Wilson, The Merc with a Mouth
Type Human/ Mutant
Role Ally, Journal Writer, Background Character
Age Indeterminate
Home World Earth
Weapon Katanas, Guns
Attribute Healing Factor
Status Alive
English Voice Nolan North

Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character who does not appear much in the main story, but instead serves as the Datalog writer, just like Jiminy Cricket in Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and Chain of Memories. If all the character entries in his Datalog are unlocked, Deadpool will become a playable party member.



As a side effect to the experiment that disfigured his skin, but gave him his rapid healing/regeneration powers, not unlike Wolverine, Deadpool is "comically insane" with a habit for breaking the "fourth wall", and including pop-culture references and other inside jokes in his Datalog where he writes about the Superhero Keyblade Wars.


  • "Consequences, shmonsequences! Whaddaya gonna do? Threaten the director of Deadpool 2 to deliberately make it suck way worse than Howard the Duck?" - to Ignis
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