Kana デイヴ (Deivu)
Alias The Mind That Makes The Matter
Type Human
Role Ally
Age 19
Home World Dreaded Drake Tower
Weapon His mind
Attribute Consciousness; Memory
Status Alive
"You're not taking advantage of my mind anymore.
This time I'm awake!

Dave is a minor character in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana, appearing as a party member in the Dreaded Drake Tower. A troubled yet gifted young man, Dave made his first appearance in Cinemassacre's The Mind That Makes The Matter.


As a young adult, Dave has a disheveled appearance, and often wears a grunge TShirt and jeans. He shaves often enough as to only get a light stubble on his chin and jaw. He is more than often seen wearing a woven hat over his short brown hair.


Dave has an aloof personality; he prefers to do some things on his own, justified by his smoking habits. However, when he learns his dreams have endangered the lives of humanity, he becomes determined to stop it at the source.

Fighting Style

On his own, Dave has little to no fighting ability. However, with the mind-enhancing ability granted by the Evil Wizard, Dave is capable of using his memory to forge any sort of weapon, as long as he's seen it used in action first. Effectively, he can create and wield a fake Keyblade.

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