Origin Tensou Sentai Goseiger (2010)
Alias Datas Hyper
Type Robot
Role Ally, Summon
Home World Gosei World
Other residences Earth
Status Alive
English Voice Mona Marshall
Japanese Voice Koki Miyata
Datas is a robot from Gosei World sent by Master Head to assist the Goseigers. Datas transforms into an arcade machine, but he can also grow big enough to fight giant monsters with the Goseigers. Although he was said to have been destroyed during either the Great Legend War or the first wave of Demonizer's invasion, Datas was rebuilt by Hyde and continues to aid the forces of good.

Datas Hyper

By combining with the Hyper Change Headder, Datas assumes a giant mode called Datas Hyper.


  • Mystic Datas Hyper- The Mystic Brothers' combination with Datas Hyper.
  • Hyper Gosei Great- Gosei Great's combination with the Skyick Brothers. Seaick Brothers, Landick Brothers, and Datas Hyper.
Hyper Gosei Great (Megazord)

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