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Data Sora
Kana ソラ (Sora)
Role Data version of Sora, Protagonist
Age 16
Home World Data Destiny Islands
Weapon Keyblade

The Data Sora makes his debut appearance in Kingdom Hearts DE:coded. Innitially created by Jiminy's Journal in the book's attempt to defend itself from Maleficent and Pete as they invaded it and changed its contents, the merging of the real and data worlds caused by Pete and Maleficent's meddling caused the Data Sora to gain the real Sora's heart and memories. To hide and safely halt the Data Sora's existence, King Mickey put him to sleep, causing the Data Sora to become a part of the real Sora's being.


Kingdom Hearts DE:coded





  • Even though a Data Sora appears in Kingdom Hearts coded, it has been confirmed by Kingdom Hearts DE:coded's creators that this is not the same Data Sora as the one featured in the original coded. Several differences exist between these two Data Soras, such as the one featured in DE:coded having Sora's Kingdom Hearts II appeance, the one in coded having that of Sora in Kingdom Hearts.

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