Darth Vader
Origin Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) (1977)
Alias Anakin Skywalker
Type Human/ Cyborg, Force Ghost
Role Secret Boss
Home World Star Wars Galaxy
Family Padme Amidala (wife)
Luke Skywalker(son)
Leia Skywalker (daughter)
Weapon Lightsaber
Attribute Dark Side of the Force
Status Indeterminate(as of "Superhero Keyblade Wars")
Deceased(after "Return of the Jedi")
English Voice James Earl Jones
Darth Vader is arguably the most feared and legendary Sith Lord in the entire galaxy and Emperor Sidious' most trusted servant. Vader is very skilled in the ways of The "Force", a supernatural phenomena that keeps the universal order in check.

Darth is the toughest secret boss in Superhero Keyblade Wars, as Sora has to fight him alone.

Darth Vader


  • Vader's HP count (456,123,789) is the order in which the main Star Wars movies were originally released, including the upcoming Episodes VIII and IX.
  • Vader also seems to acknowledge that the Jedi Order he once served was also partially responsible for his turn to evil, by way of indifference to his personal tragedies and depriving him of his human emotions, something Yoda is finally starting to regret.

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