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Darkness Incarnate
Origin Darkness and Light
Type Incarnate
Role Antagonist
Age 200+
Home World Realm of Light (Place of Creation)
Realm In-between
Weapon Darkness
Keyblade (Demonic Angel)
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive

Darkness Incarnate is a character in Darkness and Light. While he is only present in the first two story arcs, he plays a major role behind the scenes, and is in fact the one that masterminded Blaid's descent into Darkness as a way to free himself.


The Darkness Incarnate's true form is that of Darkness itself, however it can take the form of any living being in existence due to the circumstances of its creation. Its preferred form is that of a man in his early twenties with straight shoulder length silver hair and yellow eyes with pale skin. In this form he wears an over large purple shirt with sleeves that extend several inches past his hands and loose black pants.

He at one point manifests himself as Hikari to trick Yami, however due to Hikari being a Princess of Heart is unable to perfectly replicate her, and has yellow eyes and gray hair instead.


The Darkness Incarnate has a very chaotic personality. He is described in every document that mentions him as the most insane being to ever exist. The only positive personality trait he possesses is his apparent friendliness however this is only a mask he uses to trick others.

Abilities, Equipment, and Skills


  • Darkness - Being a physical manifestation of Darkness the Darkness Incarnate is able to control any and all traces of Darkness in the universe.


  • Keyblade - The Darkness Incarnate wields a Keyblade called Demonic Angel forged from the purest Darkness. Appearance wise it resembles the Keyblade of Hearts used by Riku when possessed by Ansem.
  • Dark Relic (Victus) - After its birth the Darkness Incarnate steals this Relic from Blaid, however damages it in the process. Because of the damage the Relic can only function on its most basic levels.
    • Regeneration - Due to the damage it suffered the only of Victus's powers that remain are its passive healing abilities. As long as the Darkness Incarnate doesn't take to much damage at once, Victus will heal its wounds in a matter of moments.



Pre-Darkness and Light

Two centuries before Darkness and Light the Dark Purges done by the Realm of Light greatly weakened the Realm of Darkness. As a result a great imbalance was created between the elements of Light and Darkness, and as a result the Darkness compensated by drawing on the negative emotions of all those who lived in the universe to create the Darkness Incarnate. Realizing what was happening those who served the Light used all of their power to seal the fledgling Darkness Incarnate in the Realm Inbetween.


  • Despite being pure Darkness, and thus having no actual gender, the Darkness Incarnate's preference for a male form, and its use of male pronounes to refer to itself indicate that it sees itself as a male.

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