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Dark World
Dark World
Origin Fan made
Stories Wolf's side story the tale of a lone Wolf

Wolf's pet wolf Sarah was born here.


  • Dark plane
  • Dark great tree


Dark World is a Dark place One day Mog and Mogle where there and meet Lisa. The Wolf pack lives there and got attacked by a Shadow Walker. Heartless are born here. Demon Comes here a lot. Wolf meet's Sarah here. Luna likes this place as it has a lot of work to be done to make it light.

Side story the tale of a white Wolf

Luna one day meets Demon and did not know who it was. Demon and Luna talked for a while. She could tell about the darkness in it's heart. She said she liked the place with the darkness she could make it in to light. Luna liked Demon and Talked to him every day. When a Shadow Walker attacked her Demon killed it. Luna Thanked him and left And then she became Human again.

Side story the tale of the lighting Wolf

Stella Liked the World and liked to sit in the great tree. Stella Sat in the tree and Red Books about the World and Lighting. Stella wanted to go places and worlds. One Day she meet's Lighting Demon. They read some books and talk. then a shadow Walker Attacks Her and Lighting Demon kills it and leaves. She becomes Human Again.

Side story the tale of a Blue Wind Wolf

Sky likes the Wind in the Dark world. As there is much Wind every day. One day She meet's Wind Demon. They talked for a while and Flyed.



Shadow Walker


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