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Dark Sora
Sora DR
Name Dark Sora
Original Fanon Destiny's Reach
Alignment Villain
Rival Riku
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Darkness

"Dark Sora", as he is called, is the main antagonist of the wiki-series Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts, as the one responsible for wreaking havoc on the worlds as well as summoning the ten villains. The Dark Sora is Sora of the original Kingdom Hearts series corrupted by an ancient darkness, a darkness that has every intent to capture the worlds, unlock Kingdom Hearts, and achieve godhood, while mercilessly destroying anything that stands in his way.


Dark Sora, wears a black and dark reddish cape, with light black pants, dark red shoes, red gloves, and a black and red torso, and a blueish purple belt with a yellow jewel inside it.



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