The Dark Ones were extremely powerful entities of Darkness created by the power of Chaos and were formed from the successful hybridization of Heartless and Humankind, Dark Ones are said to be practically immortal since when they die they return to Darkness and are revealed to enter into a crystallized state in Valhalla, which repairs the damages done to their body and mind.

The Dark Ones are the true representatives of Darkness, making them the main antagonists of the Chaos trilogy, and minor antagonists in all following Kingdom Hearts franchises.

Eight Chaotic Kings

The Eight Chaotic Kings are said to be the strongest of the Dark Ones, their powers are relevant in the fact that they are known for Four Black Angelic Wings and their power to transform into Pureblood Heartless, greatly increasing the damage they can cause before finally being defeated. The Eight Kings directly serve the goals of Darkness, specifically guided by Chaos itself, and are given unique Dark Keyblades that Chaos itself created and dubbed "Chaos Keyblades".

Dark One No. Name of individual Sin aspect Chaos Keyblade Status
0. Chaos Chaos and Darkness All, the Creator Eternal and Formless
1. Antares Darkness of Pride Chaos Reaper Alive
2. Dalmian Darkness of Depravity Unknown Alive
3. Unknown Darkness of Envy Unknown Alive
4. Unknown Darkness of Lust Unknown Alive
5. Spica Darkness of Wrath Chaos Cleaver Alive


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