Dark Musketeers
Name Dark Musketeers
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Role Minor Antagonists
Story All starting in Kingdom Hearts 3
"Daily Thieves roaming the streets of Disney Town, using heartless magic for their own plans of chao and greed!" -- description of the dark musketeers

The Dark Musketeers are a group of Disnay Castle crimals roaming Disney Town, they serve as minor villains of the kingdom hearts series because many times they use the heartless or dark magic for their own infamous plans or help Organization XIII or any other villains.


  • Big Time - the leader of the beagle boys when Ma is not around, Big Time is calmed the leader of the Dark Musketeers. He usaully appears with with his son, his brothers, or his brothers and Carly. Big Time is only unhooded by Carly in their hideout and like with his brothers, bosses the other musketeers around.
  • Babyface


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