Sure, I sense Dark Illusion's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Dark Illusion
(闇の幻想 Yami no gensō)
"A sword made of the purest Darkness"
Strength Magic
?? ??
Yami Dark
Enhances Physical and Magical Abilities especially when using the power of Darkness
Chapter 4

Dark Illusion is the name of the sword weilded by Yami Dark in Darkness and Light. It is a blade forged from the Darkness within his Heart thus it has the same power as a Keyblade minus the power to lock and unlock Hearts.


Dark Illusion resembles a traditional european sword in the fact it has a straight double edged blade. There is slight tapering at the end of the blade near the hand guard.


Dark Illusion derives its name from the words Darkness and Illusion. This is because the weapon is a physical illusion created from Yami's Darkness.

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