The Dark Empire, was a dominating inter world Empire in the Darkness and Light series. It was formed by the Dark Emperor during the first Keyblade War, it was reformed once again in the modern era after the destruction of the modern Keyblade Order at the hands of Shedo Dark. He gathered the scattered remains of its previous incarnation and rebuilt the Dark Empire with himself as its Emperor.

The Royal Family of the Dark Empire is the Dark Family, while there are unknown number of Noble households in the Empire. The Royal family, most of the Noble families and some of the common folk have a substance called Black Blood, a parasitic source of dark power and strength in those shadowy realms. The parasitic, blood-like, form of darkness saves their hosts from Heartless and Darkness alike so long as they wield the Darkness themselves.


Original Incarnation

The original incarnation of the Dark Empire, and the precursor to the Sadial Order, was formed by the Dark Emperor. It was led by a Council, overseen by members of the Thirteen Darkness, and was a rising star during the first Keyblade War however it fell apart after the War.

Other Incarnations

There have been countless incarnations of the Empire, and the Sadial Order, whenever a member of the Dark Family rises to power as a self-proclaimed Emperor whether they do or don't become a Vessel for the Emperor's divine essence.

Society and culture

"I am Sadial. If I can't survive, I deserve my doom."
Kurai Dark explaining the culture of the Sadial Order within the Empire.

Government and politics

Dark Council

Main article: Dark Council (Black Blood Saga)
"He is the Emperor, and he is supreme."
Kurai Dark to Yami Dark, about their father and his position.

It was the ruling body of the Empire that was created by the Sadial Emperor after the resettlement on Sheol when he withdrew into isolation. The task of the Dark Council was to debate long term plans of this Sadial Empire as well as the logistical task of governing such a government. It was formed by twelve powerful Sadial Masters that obeyed the Sadial Emperor, who served as their Grandmaster and visionary of the Sadial Empire. Each Dark Councilor rules their own "pyramid structured power group" composed of various alliances and power bases all answerable to the Dark Councilor at its head.

Imperial Intelligence

Main article: Imperial Intelligence (Black Blood Saga)
"We know extremely little about this shadowy organization, but Imperial Intelligence operatives are clearly just as deadly as their Sadial superiors."
—A unnamed Judial Master.


The Imperial Military, is the supreme military force of the Dark Empire throughout its countless incarnations. It is divided into two parts, the Imperial Navy which constitutes as military forces meant to battle between the worlds, and the Imperial Army which is responsible for invading and maintaining control of worlds directly. They are elite forces, that with coordination with the Sadial Order and Imperial Intelligence, are monstrously effective in their goals.


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