Sure, I sense Dark Copycat's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Dark Copycat
"Rage and fury formed into a Keyblade. Has high attack and magic."
Strength Magic
+4 +4
Dark Boost - Increases power in Dark magic and Dark-magic-based attacks; Gravity Boost - Increases power in Gravity magic and Gravity-magic-based attacks
Defeat Metal Vanitas at the Unforgivable Crevasse.

The Dark Copycat is a powerful Keyblade imbued with darkness. It is a well-balanced weapon that was created from Aqua's rage.


The Dark Copycat's guard is a recolored version of Vanitas's Keyblade, except insead of black-and-red, it is orange (replacing the black) and red. The main blade of the Dark Copycat is a pure black, with the teeth forming a hollow version of the Keyblade Master Symbol at the end. This makes it a mix that slightly resembles a fusion of Vanitas's Keyblade (at the guard) and the Keyblade of People's Hearts (for the main blade).

The Keychain of the Dark Copycat is the Unversed symbol, except it is colored black-and-red instead of dark blue.


  • The guard of the Dark Copycat resembles Vanitas's Keyblade.
  • The main blade of the Dark Copycat resembles the Keyblade to People's Hearts.
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