Dark Arthur (KH: Ultima)
Dark Arthur
Dark Arthur
Age unknown
Title Demon Knight
Occupation Villian, Servant of Mephilose
Family none
Gender Male
First appearance KH: Ultima
Original name unknown

Dark Arthur is a demonic knight who appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Ultima. He serves Mephilose Draygohn loyally, and wields a large Sword called "Black Excalibur". He can control the power of Darkness, and summon Mephilians to aid him. It is said that he is actually a "Lesser Demon", and the one of the only few who were loyal to Mephilose Draygohn, others being Dire Despot and Vile Merlin.


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Invasion of Legend Town

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Death Battle Against Zephyr

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Dark Arthur is cold and heartless, and shows no remorse for his actions, a true killer. He serves Mephilose's orders with loyalty. He desires nothing more than Mephilose's plans being completed.

He sees creatures of the light as insignificant, and Heartless as "Food for Mephilose's hunger".

Theme on this wiki

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Dark Arthur's battle theme is "Fight the Knight", from Sonic and the Black Knight.

Fight The Knight by Crush 40 (Black Knight Battle Theme)

Fight The Knight by Crush 40 (Black Knight Battle Theme)

Dark Arthur's theme

Notes and Trivia

  • His name is obviously at least partially based on "King Arthur" from folklore, and his weapon named after the mythological sword "Excalibur".
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