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Dante Saxon
Kana ダンテサクソン (Dantesakuson)
Alias Dante
Type Human
Age 23
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Twin Katanas, Broadsword
Attribute None
Status Alive

Dante Saxon is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. He is a pupil of Master Axen and is not a Keyblade wielder.



Dante wears heavy armor, with white baggy pants and black boots on. His face is left open, and he has a headband stopping his unruly black hair from spilling onto his head.

On his back, Dante has his large broadsword case strapped unto him, and has his twin katanas strapped to his waist.


Dante is a very happy and optimistic person. Even though he cannot wield a Keyblade, he keeps his spirits up and has been titled a motor mouth by his comrades.

Powers and Abilities

Twin Katanas

Dante primarily uses his two swords. He is very fast with these, despite his heavy armor.


When things get hard, Dante uses his large "broadsword". It is very heavy and strong, and Dante is very skilled with it.

Fighting Style

Dante is a very varied character. He can move fast with his katanas, and can strike strong and slow with his broadsword. He prefers to be up close and personal, and has a very good defense.

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