DaiZyuJin / Megazord
Kana 大獣神
Origin Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992)
Alias Megazord, Dino Megazord, The OG Megazord
Type Robot / God
Role Ally
Home World Earth
Family Zyurangers (Pilots),
Dragon Caesar (Ally/component of Ultimate Daizyujin),
King Brachion (Ally/component of Ultimate Daizyujin)
Weapon Godhorn
Status Alive
English Voice Tony Oliver
Japanese Voice Eiji Maruyama (original, archival recordings),
Tesshō Genda (2012-present)

DaiZyuJin is the giant robot of the Zyurangers and the combined form of the main five guardian beasts, who first combine into Dino Tanker, which then transforms into DaiZyuJin. He is not only the first sentient mecha in Super Sentai that is capable of speech, but also the physical incarnation of the great deity ruling over the five tribes the Zyurangers originally came from during the age of the dinosaurs.


  • Tyrannosaurus- Tyranno Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker and DaiZyuJin's main body.
  • ZyuMammoth- Mammoth Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's back, chest and cannons, and DaiZyuJin's back, arms, and shield.
  • Triceratops- Tricera Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's left tread and DaiZyuJin's left leg.
  • SaberTiger- Tiger Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's right tread and DaiZyuJin's right leg.
  • Pteranodon- Ptera Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's back and DaiZyuJin's chest.


Between the destruction of Great Lucifer and the beginning of the Superhero Infinity War[1], Daizyujin became increasingly aware of other gods who destroyed their own reputations through their ignorance of and carelessness towards mortals. After learning of Iron Majin's self-deification and subjugation of Earth-199999, he agrees with Shin Seigi that Tony Stark may have to be destroyed for the greater good, after he and Lord Drakkon are brought to justice.

Musical Theme

"Arise! DaiZyuJin!" (立て!! 大獣神 Tate!! Daizyūjin!!) is a rearrangement of DaiZyuJin's original theme from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, arranged by Tomoya Ohtani.

Another associated theme is "Go Go Power Rangers!!".


  • DaiZyuJin's english voice is a booming, godlike variation of his PR counterpart's computerized "voice". His japanese voice is heard less often and reused only through library recordings of his attack names, since his original voice actor recently died. Now, Tesshō Genda is his current Japanese voice.
  • To correct a plot hole from Zyuranger, it is explained that Daizyujin was actually testing Geki to see how far he is willing to go in his duties when Burai was revived in modern times. He only wanted Geki to fight Burai, not kill him, since the latter was needed to restore Daizyujin's full power along with Dragon Caesar and King Brachion.
  • If the player beats Lord Drakkon with a core Zyuranger present, Daizyujin will banish Drakkon back to his dimension[2].
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