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DaiZyuJin / Megazord
Kana 大獣神
Origin Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992)
Alias Megazord
Dino Megazord
The OG Megazord
The Great Beast God
Type Robot / God
Role Mecha / Ally
Alignment Super Sentai, Zyurangers, Shin Avengers (indirectly)
Home World Toei Tokuverse
Other residences Earth
Weapon Godhorn
Chojinken (Mugen form only)
Infinity Gauntlet (Mugen form only)
Status Alive / Immortal
English Voice Tony Oliver
Steven Blum (Mugen DaiZyuJin)
Japanese Voice Eiji Maruyama (original, archival recordings),
Tesshō Genda (2012-present)
Daigo Umehara (Mugen DaiZyuJin)

DaiZyuJin is the giant robot of the Zyurangers and the combined form of the main five guardian beasts, who first combine into Dino Tanker, which then transforms into DaiZyuJin. He is not only the first sentient mecha in Super Sentai that is capable of speech, but also the physical incarnation of the great deity ruling over the five tribes the Zyurangers originally came from during the age of the dinosaurs.


  • Tyrannosaurus- Tyranno Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker and DaiZyuJin's main body.
  • ZyuMammoth- Mammoth Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's back, chest and cannons, and DaiZyuJin's back, arms, and shield.
  • Triceratops- Tricera Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's left tread and DaiZyuJin's left leg.
  • SaberTiger- Tiger Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's right tread and DaiZyuJin's right leg.
  • Pteranodon- Ptera Ranger's Guardian Beast, who forms DinoTanker's back and DaiZyuJin's chest.


Between the destruction of Great Lucifer[1] and the beginning of the Superhero Infinity War[2], DaiZyuJin became increasingly aware of other gods who destroyed their own reputations through their ignorance of and carelessness towards mortals, and also found out about Lord Drakkon at around the same time the tyrant heard about Aka Red and tailed him to get to Earth-199999. After hearing of Iron Man's atrocities from Shin Seigi personally, they heavy-heartedly agree that Tony Stark may have to be destroyed for the greater good, after he and Lord Drakkon are brought to justice.[3]

DaiZyuJin played a huge role in winning the Battle of Starktopia 01, leading the Megazords against the Giant Iron Legion and briefly spoke out against Iron Majin from the top of Iron Babel, warning the despot that his ultimate downfall was nigh. Tony Stark attempted to wipe out DaiZyuJin, but he deflected the attack and swore that Stark will finally pay for his hubris.[4] He later destroyed Iron Babel's outer shields with the other Megazords, gaining the Avengers Sentai Alliance entry into the tower before all the mecha retreat.

When the True Iron Majin reveals itself, DaiZyuJin stops it from killing the Avengers Sentai Alliance and Shin gives him the Infinity Gauntlet with the Stones, which DaiZyuJin uses to become Mugen DaiZyuJin. He lets Shin, Spider Man, Shuri, Aka Renger, Kiba Ranger, and Gokai Silver into his cockpit, and he drags Iron Majin into outer space, where the malevolent deity is finally destroyed by Mugen DaiZyuJin harnessing the combined powers of the Infinity Stones and Greater Powers of all Avengers and Super Sentai. The Great Beast God returns to normal as the Stones are scattered and the Gauntlet is also destroyed.[4]

With the Super Infinity War finally over, DaiZyuJin returns to the Tokuverse with the Super Sentai.

Powers and Abilities

DaiZyuJin wields a sword called the Godhorn(with which he performs the Super Legendary Lightning Slash) and the ZyuMammoth's head as a shield, but can also fire the cannons on his back and lightning from the middle horn on his head.

When his own power is not enough to deal with a giant monster, DaiZyuJin can combine with Dragon Caesar to form ZyuTei DaiZyuJin, giving him the Kaiser Burst and Empire Attack. ZyuTei DaiZyuJin can then combine with King Brachion to form Ultimate DaiZyujin, granting him massive firepower and the Grand Vanisher finishing move.

Mugen DaiZyuJin

As Mugen DaiZyuJin (無限 大獣神 Mugendai Jūjin, Infinity Beast God), he equips a Megazord-sized Infinity Gauntlet on his left hand his optics change from yellow to blue, and he acquires almost total invulnerability, enhanced agility, and far greater offensive power than even what his Ultimate form demonstrates; enough so to completely destroy Iron Majin with the "Super Legendary Infinity Punch"(超伝説 インフィニティー パンチ Chō Densetsu Infiniti Panchi) at the cost of the Gauntlet, while the stones are scattered to the furthest ends of the universe. DaiZyuJin also suggests to Iron Majin that even if he weren't stripped of his immortality, he would still never be allowed to "survive the wrath of justice".

If this form has a Power Rangers counterpart, it would be called the Infinity Megazord.

He can wield in his right hand the Chojinken, which can also metamorph into the Shin Dragon Antler, a vastly more powerful copy of Goryujin's Dragon Antler with the Shin Avengers symbol on it.

Mugen DaiZyuJin w Shin Dragon Antler A.png

The Super Legendary Infinity Punch is executed by DaiZyuJin channeling the Greater Powers of all Avengers and Super Sentai(represented by images of their symbols) into the Gauntlet and firing it like Mazinger Z's Rocket Punch at Iron Majin's damaged Arc Reactor, overloading his body with the aforementioned energies and those of the stones until he is completely destroyed without a trace.

Musical Theme

"Arise! DaiZyuJin!" (立て!! 大獣神 Tate!! Daizyūjin!!) is an instrumental rearrangement of DaiZyuJin's original theme from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, arranged by Tomoya Ohtani.

Another associated theme, especially for his Mugen form, is "Go Go Power Rangers!!".


  • "I know why you are here, Shin Seigi. I know that the mortal called Tony Stark had been consumed by fear so egregious; fear which has begotten anger, hate, and suffering among the masses... And now he is warped into the egoistic terror you know as Iron Majin."[3]
  • "You enslave yourself to a force far beyond even your understanding, Stark! Just as Thanos had done before you!" - to Iron Majin
  • "It was Bandora who exploited the animosity between the brothers to make me break my morals[5]. I realized that before it was too late!"
  • "You think yourself the supreme being above all others, but soon you will understand the true depths of the power you abused so maliciously!"
  • "Super Legendary Lightning Slash!!!!!" - announcing his normal finishing move
  • "Our victory is almost complete, Avengers Sentai Alliance! You have proven yourselves worthy to wield the Most Incredible Power in the Universe!"
  • "Shin, give me the Stones and Gauntlet; It's time to end this ancient menace forever!"
  • "I am nothing like you, Iron Majin! I am an ally of justice first, and a God second! I am Mugen Daizyujin!"
  • "Super Legendary Infinity Puuuuunch!!!!!!" - finishing off Iron Majin.


  • DaiZyuJin's english voice is a booming, godlike variation of his PR counterpart's computerized "voice". His japanese voice is heard less often and reused only through library recordings of his attack names, since his original voice actor recently died. Now, Tesshō Genda is his current Japanese voice.
  • The name of his Mugen form also references the game engine which utilizes community-created content (especially) in the style of Marvel VS Capcom.
    • On a semi-related note, the japanese voice for his Mugen form is pro-gamer Daigo Umehara, whose nickname, "The Beast"[6], plays somewhat into DaiZyuJin's title as the "Great Beast God"[7].
    • The translation "Infinity DaiZyuJin" may be abbreviated as ID, in reference to the id in psychology, which ironically denotes the pleasure principle in contrast to the superego's morality principle.
      • Though this irony should actually be in line with Iron Majin's warped standards that good should be the "new evil" and evil should be the "new good". With this in mind, Mugen DaiZyuJin could be seen as a saint in a demon's body, and Iron Majin as a devil in a god's body, superficially speaking.
  • His Mugen form's Chojinken is actually a more elaborate, regal-looking version of the Sword Vigor wielded by Leopardon, the spiritual predecessor for all Megazords and all Super Robots in Tokusatsu.
    • The Shin Dragon Antler is also a reference to the Getter Robo saga. The titular robot is the pioneer of all combining super robots, from anime and tokusatsu alike.
  • To correct a plot hole from Zyuranger, it is explained that Daizyujin was actually testing Geki to see how far he is willing to go in his duties when Burai was revived in modern times[5][8]. He only wanted Geki to fight Burai, not kill him, since the latter was needed to fully restore Daizyujin's godhood along with Dragon Caesar and King Brachion[9], and only told Geki to finish off his brother at the last moment[8], and when Geki offered to let Burai strike him down instead, he passed the test.
    • DaiZyuJin did have some regrets over testing Geki this way(first admitting this as early as after Burai's change of heart[8]), and claims he did ask for Burai's full resurrection afterwards, but Clotho refused as it was discovered that Iron Majin abused Quantum energy and the Time Stone to find and blackmail her behind the Guardian Beasts' backs, and they had no way of finding this out earlier because Clotho was blackmailed before DaiZyuJin was restored to full power[9].
  • If the player beats Lord Drakkon in (2-on-2 or 3-on-3) arcade mode with a core Zyuranger present, Daizyujin will banish Drakkon back to his dimension[10].
  • His use of the Infinity Gauntlet to become Mugen DaiZyuJin is almost like the similarly sentient GingaiOh equipping the Super Shine Armor to become Super Shine GingaiOh.