DaiShinRyu ~ Serpenterra
Kana 大神龍
Origin Gosei Sentai Dairanger (1993)
Alias ShinRyu, Shen Long, Eternal Dragon, Serpenterra
Type Dragon / Godlike being
Role Good (formerly Lawful Neutral), Secret Boss
Age Ageless
Attribute Holy Fire
Status Undying
DaiShinRyu is a godlike dragon that maintains the natural balance of the universe. Unfortunately, due to his neutral standpoint, DaiShinRyu was willing to kill innocent humans as collateral damage if it restores balance to the universe. The Demonizers caused mass destruction in order to lure him out and control him for their evil purposes, possibly thinking the eternal dragon will be easier to control if he is convinced that humankind is to blame for the events surrounding the Superhero Keyblade War. Sora and friends tried to stop the eternal dragon's rampage, and though it seemed unstoppable, GOTHOH arrived and talked some sense into DaiShinRyu, telling him that in his blind rage, he was playing right into the empire's diabolical hands. Luckily, the dragon knows GOTHOH and they understand each other, so DaiShinRyu apologized for his needless destruction and happily agreed to leave Earth for 100 years, to learn to control his powers and anger.


  • DaiShinRyu utilizes the same attacks as the Final Fantasy version of ShinRyu, and is even implied to be connected to it somehow.
  • The "Eternal Dragon" title also applies to Shenron of the Dragon Ball metaseries.
  • Originally thought to be speechless, DaiShinRyu only speaks to GOTHOH, due to their presumed friendship.

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