Origin Gosei Sentai Dairanger (1993)
Alias Thunder Megazord
Type Chi Beast / Robot
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Family Dairangers (Pilots, Masters), Won Tiger (Ally)
Weapon Dai Javelin, DaiOhKen
Attribute Thunder, Chi Power
Status Active
DaiRenOh is the giant robot of the Dairangers, and the combined form of their Mystic Chi Beasts.


  • RyuSeiOh- Ryu Ranger's Mystic Chi Beast, which has it's own giant warrior mode, in addition to forming the core of DaiRenOh.
  • Star Shishi- Shishi Ranger's Mystic Chi Beast(a lion), which forms DaiRenOh's body armor, arms, and helmet, and the Heavenly Chi-Palace's front section.
  • Star Tenma- Tenma Ranger's Mystic Chi Beast(a Pegasus), which forms DaiRenOh's right leg, and the Heavenly Chi-Palace's right section.
  • Star Kirin- Kirin Ranger's Mystic Chi Beast(a Quilin), which forms DaiRenOh's left leg, and the Heavenly Chi-Palace's left section.
  • Star Houou- Houou Ranger's Mystic Chi Beast(a firebird), which forms DaiRenOh's waist, and the Heavenly Chi-Palace's back section.


DaiRen, meaning "great union", is also an anagram of Raiden, a japanese thunder god, which is probably why it's Power Rangers counterpart was called the Thunder Megazord.

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