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Kana シロナ
Original Name none
Type Daughter of Hearts
Role Ally
Weapon Sword of Bonds
Attribute Hearts
Status Alive

Cynthia is a character in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book.


A Girl of Hearts

Cynthia runs into Alex Wolf when she is running from a Shadow. Alex defeats the Shadow, but more enemies come, seeking Cynthia. However, Alex refuses to give Cynthia to the Heartless, and fights them, defeating them. After that, Cynthia and Alex sit down and talk. Cynthia confesses to Alex that she is a girl of hearts. After that, Alex takes her back to her sisters. Knowing he was a Nobody, Alex's sisters attacked him, out of confusion. After fighting and settling the situation, Alex's sisters allow for Cynthia to stay with Alex. After that, Cynthia makes a small kingdom with Alex's help. Then, an enormous amount of Heartless appear, and attack Cynthia. Alex and she run, later discovering that the World of Okami has been taken by the Heartless. The town and world were gone; there was nothing left. Having successfully fled the world, Alex and Cynthia went to the Sky Castle, a new world. Once there, they find out that is not a world at all, but a place.


Cynthia is nice to Alex, since he has saved her from the Heartless who seek her heart-filled being on several occasions. She does not like her sisters when they fight. Cynthia was sad when her kingdom was taken, and similarly was mad when she saw the World of Okami being taken by the Heartless. Her many hearts that she is made of give her a connection the to heart of the worlds themselves that she visits. Because of this, Cynthia feels especially powerful emotions about the worlds she has visited.


Cynthia has red eyes and blue hair. She wears green shoes and a black cloak sometimes.

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