Curious Truths
(オクギ ノ オモイ Okugi no Omoi (lit. "Mystery of the Heart"))
Curious Truths V2
"A Keyblade full of mysteries. It provides a great increase to Magic"
Strength Magic
+4 +6
Lily Marina
Magic Boost
Defeat Insatiable Scholar

The Curious Truths Keyblade is one of the last storyline Keyblades acquired by Lily Marina. It has the highest boost to Magic of her storyline Keyblades.


The design mainly centers arounf a heart-based theme, with both the crossguard and the teeth being emblems for Kingdom Hearts. The hilt of the Keyblade is cyan in color. On both sides, the guard also has gray wings. The shaft of the Keyblade is a bifurcated dual shaft, like that of Oathkeeper, with a small curled end becoming part of the teeth. The Keychain is a red heart with two silver-blue wings.

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