• Are you sure you want to do this?
  • You're just a pawn in my way.
  • Death is your only outcome.
  • Do you truly believe you can defeat me?
  • I have powers beyond your very comprehension...
  • No matter... I can still obliterate you...
— when HP is low
  • Even with a handicap, you'll still die.
— when HP is low
  • You don't scare me...
— when opponent is stronger
  • Brute strength is nothing against me.
— when opponent is stronger
  • I'll make you beg for mercy!
— when opponent is weaker
  • Nothing can save you now.
— when opponent is weaker

Character Specific

  • Allen - You've been a thorn in my side for too long...
  • Alex - Your youth only makes you an easier target.
  • Alpha -
  • Ayano -
  • Benevolence - What trickery is this..?
  • Bradley - You and I are alike.
  • Crono - Only one can be the ultimate ruler!
  • Insiminy - Your seduction has no effect on me.
  • Kami - I will defeat you, and take your power for myself!
  • Kexon - Interesting weapon...
  • Nathaniel - Something tells me you're more powerful than you let on...
  • Owen - The weak will be crushed under my feet.
  • Saule - Your identity won't matter if you die!
  • Sengo - Even you can't stand the icy embrace of death...
  • Shadow -
  • Suné - You remind me of someone...
  • Ulmia - You cannot tempt me into defeat.
  • Xela - Come, show me the extent of your power!
  • Xelmes - You're a mere copy... You can't hope to defeat my power!
  • Xion - You will be absorbed again, and truly die!
  • Xolduc - Can you manipulate ultimate power..?
  • Yami - Let your darkness overcome you, and taste true power...


  • Your fate was sealed.
  • Nothing compares to the power of Galactus!
  • Better you die now and not when Galactus destroys the universe...
  • None compare to me!
  • Gah... I let myself go too far...
— when HP is low
  • I'll be fine...
— when HP is low
  • Do you see? Nothing surpasses me!
— when opponent is stronger
  • Not even brute strength can hurt me.
— when opponent is stronger
  • Did you honestly think you would win?
— when opponent is weaker
  • This was to be expected.
— when opponent is weaker


  • How could this happen..?
  • I won't forget you...
  • Galactus... why have you not come for your herald...?
  • No... this can't be..!
  • Unbelievable... one such as me..?
  • What happened to all of my power?!
  • I was out from the start...
— when opponent is stronger
  • Just you wait...
— when opponent is stronger
  • This is impossible..!!
— when opponent is weaker
  • No.. I refuse to believe this!
— when opponent is weaker
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