Crono Silverius
Name Crono Silverius
Kana クロノシルヴェリアス (Kurono Shiruveriasu)
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts: Awakening
Alias Crono
Type Human
Alignment Evil
Rival Allen Trius
Weapon Blaze Saber
Attribute None
"A ruthless, self-confident man bent on summoning things we can only imagine to rule the universe as he sees fit."

Crono Silverius is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts originating from Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. He is on the evil side, fighting Riku and his heroes, with Allen Trius as his rival.


Crono has pale white skin. He has on a black cloak and short, spiky black hair. His eyes are jet black, his coat has a hood, and he has many white straps throughout the coat.

His second alternate depicts Crono without a cloak. A tight, fishnet black shirt is revealed, along with dark black cargo pants. His arms are scarred, and his white straps are missing. His hair is a lighter black with blue tones.

Crono's Shade, Melancholy Eradicator, is colored dark blue, almost black.



Crono is a powerful character. He has moderate magic ability, and moves at a moderate speed. His battle style is in avoiding or blocking enemy attacks and then obliterating them; he doesn't have the best speed or strength and can't take too much punishment. Once he gets enemies in a corner, however, he can easily pull a win, as his attacks have low cool-down animations, allowing him to chain them very well. He is described as a Opportunist Annihilator.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Ground Default
Crono quickly slices in front of him, dashes behind the opponent, and barrages them from behind.
Sniper's Bane (Ground)
Ground Level 5
Crono aims at the opponent and shoots 5 bullets from his gunblade.
Sniper's Bane (Aerial)
Aerial Default
Crono aims at the opponent and shoots 5 bullets from his gunblade.
Blind Dash
Ground Default
After blocking an attack, Crono dashes in front of him, blasting the opponent away.
Barrage Cut
Aerial Level 14
Crono throws his gunblade in front of him. If it hits the opponent, he throws a bomb at them, dealing heavy damage.
Hell Stasis
Aerial Level 20
Crono dashes downward and if the opponent is hit, intense Brave damage is dealt.

HP Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Ground Default
Crono stands still and vulnerable; if attacked, he will teleport behind the opponent and hit them many times, dealing HP damage.
Red Skull
Ground Level 10
Crono lunges an arm in front of him. If he hits the enemy, he bangs their head to the ground, dealing HP damage before flipping away.
Additional Effect: Defense Crush
Aerial Default
Crono pulls back his sleeve, revealing his arm to have black tribal tattoos. The tattoos fly off his arm to a medium radius, and the black tendrils deal HP damage if they hit the enemy.
Ground Level 23
Crono dashes in a blind rage, slashing his gunblade around him. If the enemy is caught, they are hit with HP damage.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush, Defense Crush
Aerial Level 13
Crono dashes upward very quickly, slashing his gunblade. Great for attacking airborne enemies.

EX Mode

Chaos - In his EX Mode, Crono's appearance changes drastically. He summons the power of Galactus, and his hair becomes blood-red. His coat disappears, revealing Crono with black pants, a red torn shirt, and tribal markings on his chest. His sword becomes inflamed and his hands and feet grow claws.

EX Burst - End of It All - Crono first attacks the opponent and sends them into space. After this, the player has to pump 5 buttons. If they are pumped successfully, Crono summons Galactus, a gigantic cosmical entity. Galactus crushes the character for the EX finish.

If it is done wrong, the player falls to the arena and takes damage.


Crono Silverius/Destiny's Reach/Quotes


Name Level Stats Effects
Gunblade of Doom
50 To Be Determined To Be Determined
Universal Ownage
86 To Be Determined To Be Determined
Galactus' Chaos
100 To Be Determined To Be Determined



  • All of Crono's HP attacks are names of Marvel villains, as is Galactus.
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