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Cowen Stinger
Kana コーエン・スティンガー
Romaji Koen Sutinga
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising
Type Human
Role Unknown
Age 40s - 50s
Gender Male
Alignment Unknown
Home World Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
English Voice Chris Parson
Japanese Voice Hiroshi Iwasaki

Cowen Stinger is a (possibly antagonistic) supporting character in Kingdom Hearts Getterborn Rising.



Stinger is a tall, muscular man with green eyes, a five o'clock shadow, and short black hair. The red armor he wears makes him look like a human version of Shin Getter Robo G, and may even suggest Stinger is possibly a cyborg, but this is yet to be touched upon.


Stinger is outspoken and assertive in his belief that Sora has to die for the Getterborn to stop their attacks, though Riku thinks Stinger is only trying to justify some deep-seated grudge against him. As the ultimate example of toxic masculinity, he is also very short-tempered, fear-imposing, utterly disrespectful of other people's feelings, and quick to use physical force on those who so much as defend Sora or take issue with the harshness of Stinger's often vulgar vocabulary(way more so than even Ryoma), no matter how much truth it contains.


After Sora's first run-in with the Getterborn, Stinger appears to denounce him as an enemy of the universe for abusing the Power of Waking, and insists the Getterborn will continue to wreak wanton destruction until Sora is dead. Riku, however, believes Stinger, whether he has anything to do with the Getterborn or not, may actually be looking for an excuse to have Sora murdered.


  • "These Heartless are nothing like the chickenshits you've been fighting before!"
  • "They've been shown the 'light', by the Getter!"
  • "Well send my rock-hard ass to hell for preachin' the goddamn cold, hard truth!"
  • "There is no mercy when you screw with the Getter! With the most powerful forces in existence! Only they decide what's right and wrong!"
  • "They're gonna be comin' after your friends too, bitch! And the only way to stop the Getterborn is if your scrawny ass dies first." - to Sora
  • "Here's a professional's tip: Shouting your attack names gives your opponent the extra seconds he needs to stomp your ass into ground!"
  • "JESUS CHRIST! Can't you dickwads take a hint!?"
  • "I'm gonna stomp your balls into space dust!!"
  • "Hold still, ya little prick!"


Cowen Stinger's name is derived from Dr. Cowen and Dr. Stinger, two major antagonists in Getter Robo Armageddon. This, along with Riku's suspicions may hint at Stinger being as evil as his namesakes.


  • Stinger not only has the same English voice as Gladiolus Amicitia, he also takes a majority of Gladio's traits to darker, more dangerous extremes.
  • He utilizes an aircraft called the DracoRex Flyer, which appears to be something like the Ragnarok in Final Fantasy VIII, painted in the colors of Bahamut in Final Fantasy XV.
  • He's the first Kingdom Hearts character to use a religious swear (anachronistically), even if he's a GokaiWhite-created OC, and the only character in Kingdom Hearts Getterborn Rising to do so.
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