Count Lippe
Origin Thunderball (1965)
Type Somebody
Role Support Villain
Home World James Bond universe
Weapon Gun
Status Dead
Count Lippe is a SPECTRE agent under the command of Emilio Largo sent to a health clinic with Angelo Palazzi.


Lippe is sent to a health clinic to watch Angelo Palazzi's plastic surgery for the Vulcan job. After a kind meeting with Bond and Sora, he tris to kill Sora by leaving the steam room without a lock on too hot to fry him, Kairi by shooting her in silence while she is in the shower, and Bond by leaving on a rack stretcher at high speed. Those attempts fail and Bond gets his rvenge by humiliatiing him in a machine. Lippe gets out all mad and sees Palazzi has completed his operation of surgery to look like Francois Derval. At Derval's house, Palazzi gases Derval to death then Lippe gives him the ID disc and watch after an argument. Palazzi bids his sidekicks "Ciao" before heading to the airbase. At the clinic, Lippe attempts to kill Bond again but fails. At morning, he swears to himself that Bond and Sora must die. In a car chase, before Lippe could kill Bond, a motorcycle driven by Fiona Volpa fires rockets at Lippe's car, killing the count.

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