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The Corruptions (破損, Hason) are beings of darkness and the main enemies of Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia. Most Corruptions are revived beings who have lost their souls and have died as a result.


Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia

Corruptions make their first appearance in the Land of Radiance when they attack Avira while he is in a forest. The Corruptions use the of Darkness Corridors of Darkness much like the Heartless when they appear.


Symbol of the Corruptions

The symbol of the Corruptions as well as Yomigaeri.

Corruptions are formed in a way similar to that of Heartless except that instead of the heart being consumed and separated from the body and soul, the soul is consumed and separated form the body and heart. In order to become a Corruption one must first die as in the Kingdom Hearts universe, a soul is the force that gives a being life. If a deceased being has high levels of darkness within their heart upon death, the heart and body of the being may both be revived by said darkness if the heart itself is strong. This means that Corruptions are basically living corpses or the undead.


Unlike Nobodies and Heartless the Corruptions do have hearts and are capable of showing emotion. Most of the time said emotions are negative as the hearts of the Corruptions are composed primarily of darkness. It is possible for a Corruption to feel positive emotions but is very rare. The fact that the Corruptions can actually feel emotion deems them to be more dangerous than those of the Heartless and Nobodies.

Like Nobodies the Corruptions are vanished from the of Light Realm of Light upon their formation. Corruptions are usually formed within worlds located in the Between Realm Between. Due to the fact that their strong hearts contain large amounts of darkness, they can gain access to the Realm of Darkness after their birth.

When Corruptions are initally born their corpses are usually reconstructed into new non-human forms. If a being's heart is strong enough then it will retain it's original corpse which will then be repaired in order to remove any decay. The Corruptions who are able to maintain their original corpses are believed to be much stronger than those who don't. These Corruptions form the organization known as Yomigaeri.

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