Constructicus Maximus.jpg

Constructicus Maximus
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Type Robot
Role Villain
Weapon Ball and Chain, Cement Cannon
Attribute Atomic Fusion, Transmutation
Status Destroyed
English Voice Tom Wyner
Japanese Voice Shuichiro Moriyama

Constructicus Maximus is one of the Demonizer Eight Generals in Superhero Keyblade Wars, and the first to be seen and fought. Constructicus gathers the necessary materials and resources to build weapons of death and destruction for his empire.

He was destroyed by Sora and friends.


  • "These humans are not as submissive and feeble as we thought...! They've already begun to fight back, but they will learn soon enough... to challenge us, is to court ...death!!" - first spoken line.
  • "Me, a mass-murderer? I prefer to call it creative population management. The building blocks of the universe have become increasingly scarce with all you people making a mess of everything!"
  • "You stupid fool!"
  • "Prepare for extermination!!"- pre battle quote


  • Constructicus is based on the Decepticon Combiner Devastator from "Transformers". At one point, he even speaks Devastator's line, "Prepare for extermination!!" from Transformers: The Movie(1986).
  • His "Shining Star Devastator" attack also references Devastator's japanese name, Devastar, which is spelled (unintentionally) with "deva", or "shining" in Sanskrit.
  • The cement cannon/vortex grinder mounted on Constructicus' left leg is inspired by ROTF Devastator's expanding mouth.
  • His japanese voice actor previous played General Cid Aulstyne in Final Fantasy Type-0.
  • Constructicus' speech at the end of the first episode is similar to what The Other says to Thanos about the Avengers in a mid-credits scene of the 2012 film version.
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