Congreve-class Battleship
Name Congreve-class Battleship
Origins Designed Based on Space Battleship Yamato
Line BB
Class Battleship
Length 526m (1725.7 ft)
Width 381m (1250 ft)
Height 127.6m (418.6 ft)
Mass 72000 tonnes
Engine 2 Large Nuclear Fusion Engine Cores
Shield Gen. Level 2 Shield Generator
Hull 1.3m Laminated Gummi-Block Hull
Sensor Radar
Navigation NAV Computer
Target COMDEX-C1 Fire Control System
Crew 2500
Skeleton 840
Passengers 2800
Capacity 5300
Consumables 2 years
First Use 159 BDC (23355 EUC)
Role Battleship
Story Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice
Affiliation United Kingdom of Novara & Archelonia


The Congreve-class Battleship is one of the longest serving battleships in history. Introduced into service in 159 BDC, it was one of the leading flagships of the Novaran-Archelonian Military, With a collective service spanning nearly 2 centuries, the Congreve was constantly and consistently modified to keep up with newer designs, including the advent of the Heavy Command Cruisers. It was the first Novaran-Archelonian ship to be equipped with a Heavy Rail Gun, the precursor to the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.

The Last Congreve-class would be retired in 40 DC, and replaced in service by various Dual Monarchy Heavy Command Cruisers.


List of Congreve-class Battleships

-HMS Congreve

-HMS Chatham

-HMS Granby

-HMS Amherst

-HMS Clive

-HMS King Édouard VI

-HMS King Henri IX

-HMS King Édouard VII

-HMS Estrées

-HMS Soubise

-HMS Rohan

-HMS Rawlinson


  • The names of the ships in this class is named after major British and French commanders in the Seven Years' War, with the three Kings represented being Edward VI, his successor Henri IX and his son, Edward VII.
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