Con Carne
Con Carne (KHUX).png
Con Carne with "Moggy" in Union Cross.
Alias "Keyblade wielder"
"Wonderland's Adventurer"
Age 15
Home World Daybreak Town
Weapon Starlight Keyblade

Con Carne is the main character in his creator's story from the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross video game.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained

"Con Carne" was the alias of a Keyblade wielder who lived during the legendary "age of fairy tales", which took place many years before the Dark Seekers' rise. He was a young warrior from Daybreak Town, member of the Unicornis Union, and loyal to his Master Ira. As for the other Foretellers, Con had friendly opinions towards Gula and Ava; was neutral to Invi, and disliked Aced.

His story is basically the same of every player of the video game Kingdom Hearts Unchained/Union Cross, being Con the one who lived those events in his timeline.

Con traveled to different worlds such as Olympus, Agrabah, Wonderland, Dwarf Woodlands, and Beast's Castle, which were recreated from the future by the Foretellers' Book of Prophecies to fight Heartless and obtain Lux, with the only company of his own Chirithy. In one occasion, he met Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Chip, and Dale when they appeared in Daybreak Town appearantly lost from the future, and helped them to repair their Gummi Ship so they could return to their proper time.

Con was shy at making relationships, but he started to be more openly after visiting worlds and talking with their residents. Though that wasn't enough for Con to make friends with other Keyblade wielders, he eventually became friends with Ephemer and Skuld, feeling a great connection with the first one.

At one moment, he met a little Moogle who became his companion and decided to stay over Con's head. Another Moogle Con met was the merchant one from Daybreak Town, helping him to forge the Moogle O'Glory Keychain, receiving it afterwards.

When the Keyblade War approached, he didn't joined to Master Ava's Dandelions, believing he could prevent the conflict and save everyone. His trust in the Foretellers also started to fade in these moments. Eventually, Con fought in the Keyblade War, being the only survivor. At its ending, Con was reunited with his friends Ephemer, Skuld, and Chirithy.

Union Cross

After the Keyblade War, Con reappeared in Daybreak Town along with the Dandelions without any memory of the conflict. Shortly after, his Chirithy created a rabbit-like Spirit to follow him in his travels as a second companion besides the little Moogle, and he continued to fight Heartless for Lux in new worlds like Castle of Dreams, Enchanted Forest, and Game Central Station.

Thanks to his travels through worlds, Con became more sociable and befriended with a group of Dandelions, joining them for some adventures, one related with the former leader of this group, and another just to have a relax time at the beach. His most closest friend in this group was a boy known as "Mog", being also friendly with Con's little Moogle.

After the new Union leaders approved the Shift Pride concept, in which wielders would fight digital versions of each other, Con tried some matches, but he was surpassed by many skilled data-wielders. After that, Con admitted that he didn't like it not just for personally feeling weaker when losing, but because he thought it could grow hostility between wielders in the real world.


"Another mission for Lux? I wanna stay in bed!" -When going to a mission.

"My name is "Con Carne". Just take it." -Con presenting himself, showing no care for his real name.

"Okay, but be careful Moggy. Don't get hurt." -Con warning his little Moogle before a battle.

"We made... a promise..." -Con to Ephemer at the Keyblade War.

"I give up... I don't know why I even bother." -Con after losing a match against another Keyblade wielder.

"I'm tired, I'm thirsty, and there's SAND on my boots!" -Con in Agrabah.


  • Since "Con Carne" was not one of the names shown at certain moment in Kingdom Hearts III, it is unknown if the character actually survived the Keyblade War or not in the canon's timeline.
  • It is hinted that, whenever Con loses a fight in his missions, it is his Moogle who quickly takes him to a safe place where he can recover before trying again.
  • Con has shown a dislike towards Agrabah, while he loves to visit Wonderland.
  • Con loves festivities, dressing for Halloween and Christmas at those moments.
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