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KHMoL Commitment
This Keyblade emanates with the power of memories.
Physical Magical
×1.0 ×1.0
Default Keyblade

The Commitment is a Keychain of Saiki's signature Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts: Memories of Light.


The Commitment's handguard is shaped after the heart symbol which is used in every Kingdom Hearts logo. The blade is made of silver and a stylish pink-and-purple butterfly design with green crystal and arrow serves as the blade's teeth. The Keyblade's rainguard is a Mickey symbol, a common symbol used throughout the series. The Keychain is made from gold with a pink-and-magenta stylish capital letter 'M'. When an opponent is hit by an attack from the Commitment, the appearing symbols are less stylish butterfly designs resembling the one seen as the blade's teeth.

"Commitment" refers to Axel's famous quote which in the GameBoy Advance version is "Commit it to memory", while in later versions it is localized to "Got it memorized?". It also refers to one of the game's themes: memories.

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