Colonel Zaysen
Origin Rambo III (1988)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Weapon AK-47, Helicopter
Status Dead

Col. Zaysen was the main Russian villain in Rambo III.


Colonel Zaysen was the Russian whom Sam Trautman reported to Sora and Rambo about. He had been fighting against Afghans in a region. Maleficent ordered Col. Zaysen to capture Trautman and bring him back to base. When Trautman is captured, Zaysen begins to brutally interrogate the American colonel. When a Russian helicopter is destroyed, Zaysen goes more furious. At night, Rambo and Sora with Mousa in tow try to rescue Trautman but fail in the attempt, but not before several Russians are killed. Zaysen then demanded to know what happened to Trautman. After Sora, Rambo and their allies rescue Trautman the following morning, Zaysen tries to stop them in close combat. Zaysen is brushed aside then he warns Maleficent that Trautman and other Afghans have escaped. After Kourov is slain, Sora's group confronts Zaysen's forces. All seemed lost until the Mujahideen saves them. Sora and Rambo then drive the tank and kill Zaysen in his helicopter.


When first fought, Zaysen uses an AK-47 machine gun against you in battle. He can also use kicks. For the second battle, Zaysen will be in his helicopter shooting rockets and miniguns.


  • I trust you I will not fail Maleficent. (Zaysen in his meeting with Maleficent)
  • Drop your weapons! We've got you surrounded! You have no chance of escape! Drop your guns now! You have no hope of escape! (Zaysen capturing Trautman and his crew)
  • Colonel, you're government had your Vietnam in the past, and we have no intention on suffering the same fate here.
  • Tofay, one of my gunships was destroyed by these men. It was your boy who did it! Who the fuck is John Rambo!? (Zaysen interrogating Trautman after a HIND is destroyed)
  • I'm going to enjoy you as a guest down the hall. (Zaysen to Trautman who is still refusing to give in)
  • Who is this terrorist?! What makes you valuble to them!? They wanted to destroy me tonight, yet failed! Tomorrow, I will hunt them and have their skins on my wall! (Zaysen reprimanding Trautman over the rescue attempt which failed)
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