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Sure, I sense Cody's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Kana コーディ
Type Nobody
Role Ally
Weapon Meteor Cards
Status Alive


Cody is a side character in the Data Book; he rarely helps Alex, and instead he helps run a fun game for all the members called "Meteor Cards". Every time someone plays, Cody's Card Level goes up, and this is how he plays the game. Alex and Cody talk from time to time in the moonlight. Cody does not talk to Alex during the rest of his time in the Data Book. Alex sometimes comes by to see how he is doing.


Cody is the gambling type; he likes to gamble when he plays in the game. Cody always keeps his cool when playing, even if it looks like he is going to lose. Cody rarely speaks, and instead lets the cards do the speaking.


Cody has red hair and wears the groups cloak which is black, blue, and/or sometimes red, based on Rank; Cody starts out wearing black, and in the middle he wears the red cloak. Anytime Alex goes back to the Data Book he wears blue. Cody's eyes are green, and he has pocket in his cloak for his Cards.

Fighting style


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