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Coco Bandicoot
Human coco
Origin Crash Bandicoot 2
Type Human
Role Neutral
Age 16
Home World Grand Surbia
Family Crash, Crunch, Pura, Polar
Weapon Martial arts
Attribute Technology
Status Alive

Coco Bandicoot is a character the party finds in Grand Surbia from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She is originally from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Her and Nina Cortex are the Crash characters in that story.

Journal Entries


Crash Bandicoot

"A very smart girl whose home world was taken by the Heartless. She seems to be searching for someone... but who...?"


Crash Bandicoot

"A smart girl whose home world was taken by the Heartless. She said that she was looking for Nina Cortex, a close friend of Xerena and Zaxer. With that, she stopped looking for her and opened a recycling club. Maybe we can help her out when we have time."


Coco has a pale skin tone and bright green eyes. Her hair is blonde and in a partly-messy ponytail. So that she can communicate with her family, she has a pink headset. Just like her original bandicoot self, she wears a plain white tee shirt and pale blue overalls. Her shoes are blossom pink tennis shoes that match the small blossom pink flower in her hair. She is usually seen with her pink laptop or her baby blue purse that has a pink flower on it.


She seems to be laid back and accepting, but when the time calls for it, she can become very no-nonsense and serious. She also seems to be very eco-friendly because she mentions many projects she has done for the enviroment, including her butter-recycling machine.





  • The person she's looking for, Nina Cortex, is actually in Fifth Hope the story

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