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Cloud Strife
Cloud (BF)
Kana クラウド・ストライフ
Romaji Kuraudo Sutoraifu
Origin Final Fantasy VII (1997)
Type Human
Role Hero
Age 24-5
Gender Male
Alignment Toa Luminus (leader)
Home World Nibelheim
Other residences Edge
Family Claudia (mother, deceased)
unnamed father (most likely deceased)
Tifa (spouse figure)
Weapon Buster Sword
Attribute Wind
Status Alive
English Voice Steve Burton (most appearances)

Cody Christian (FFVII Remake and Dissidia Bionic Fantasy only)

Japanese Voice Takahiro Sakurai

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Cloud is a former AVALANCHE member who was named the Toa Luminus of Dreams.


Having moved on from his sorrowful past, Cloud is quick to help the Toa Metru fight for Ankoku Nui's survival, seeing it as being no different from his own planet of origin. He also cares deeply for his friends and teammates, and especially respects Vakama as a fellow hero, acknowledging their similarities, and they serve as inspiration to one another to lead their teams well and be worthy successors to Lhikan and Zack respectively.


Some weeks after the Deepground Conflict ended, Cloud and Tifa were mysteriously teleported to Ankoku Nui, where they met Onewa and Whenua. Cloud leads the group out of Onu-Kuro's tunnels and into Ta-Aka, where the destroyed village they come across brought back memories of the Nibelheim Incident. Inside the castle at the center, he fights and defeats the Genjuu Efreet before he and his group go to Ina-Kiiro, meeting up with Jikanmu and fixing one of the disabled lightning towers for safer passage. As soon as they find the Mako Reactor in the region, the party is forced to do battle with the Genjuu Ixion before going inside and setting off an explosive to destroy the reactor.

At Do-Mura, Cloud and his group rendezvous with Squall, Yuna, Rinoa, Tidus, and the other Toa Metru before Jikanmu briefs them on Dai-Shinra's crimes against the planet and Cloud officially assumes leadership of the Toa Luminus before the heroes continue their way to the final Genjuu's location.


  • "So much destruction... It's like Nibelheim all over again!" - about the village in Ta-Aka.
  • "We are more alike than we'd possibly imagined." - to Vakama.
  • "Believe it or not, I know how it feels, to lose someone you really looked up to, and believed in you." - talking about Zack.


  • Despite not voicing Cloud anymore in official publications, Steve Burton would still voice him in at least the vast majority of his Bionic Fantasy-related appearances, except most likely Dissidia Bionic Fantasy, where his replacement, Cody Christian, would provide the voice.