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Name Clare
Home World ???
Role Mercenary
Weapon Claymore
Element N/A
Magic N/A
Abilities Quicksword
Drives Partial Awakening
Status Alive



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Joining Damage, Inc.

Clare, on the run from her Organization, somehow found a way off-world, before meeting and travelling with Kazuki Muto. Before long, the duo encountered Damage, Inc. during a fight with the Midnight Syndicate, and having heard about the Syndicate's... less than savory reputation, joined forces against them.


Clare is a rather stoic character who generally hides her emotions, although she does genuinely care about those she's come to view as friends. She has a bit of a tendency to act before she thinks, but she's also quick to realize her weaknesses, and desperately tries to improve them.

Fighting Style

Clare, being a "Silver-Eyed Slayer" (also: Silver-Eyed Witch) or "Claymore", possesses great and terrible speed and physical strength. She uses these traits in extraordinary conjunction. She was originally the weakest overall of Damage, Inc., but, along with her patner Kazuki, she has the greatest potential growth.

Clare becomes substantially more powerful as she releases her Yoma power, which improves her strength, speed and agility, and reaction time.

In addition, Clare has low-level regenerative powers: she can heal most injuries, and even survive being impaled through the stomach. She cannot regenerate lost limbs, though she can reattach them if her wound is recent enough.


Her battle theme when fought as a boss (Syndicate story) is, as with the other members, Battery.

When playing as her, however, (Damage story) her battle theme is Lost in the Crowd, by Shinedown.