Clairvoyant Nix
(千里眼ニックス Senrigan nikkusu)
"An unearthly blade crafted by
the nonexistent entity.
Unbelievable power resonates inside."
Strength Magic
+20 +15
Allen Trius
Defeat Sorceror Nobody.

Clairvoyant Nix is a weapon used by Allen Trius in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. It is obtained after defeating Sorceror Nobody, and is an inferior imitation of the nonentity's own Keyblade, crafted by him in recognition of Allen's battle prowess.


Clairvoyant Nix has an overall color scheme of red and blue. The handle and hilt have this same alternating palette, and the blade also has this. The blade is extremely sharp, and has a temperature of a few degrees above 0 K (absolute zero). The blade has many spike-like appendages constantly moving, like small tentacles, and the teeth are made of three of these over-sized limbs. In the middle of the teeth/blade meeting place is a small, circular, red-and-blue colored gem, known as a Void Crystal. Unlike the Void Gem of the genuine Sorceror Nobody Keyblade, its power has been constrained to allow others to wield it. Without this containment, the handler would spontaneously combust on attempting to use the weapon. The chain is composed of gray links, ending at a silver square with the Sorceror Nobody emblem engraved on it.

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