Cindy-Lou Who
Cindy lou who grinch 2018.png
Origin The Grinch (2018)
Original Name Cindy-Lou Who
Alias Cindy
Type Human
Role Party Character
Age 6
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Home World Whoville
Family Donna-Lou Who (Mother)
Buster and Bean (Youngest Brothers)
Weapon Scarf
Status Alive
English Voice Cameron Seely

Cindy-Lou Who is a character in Speedy Hearts, who originated as the main deuteragonist of 2018's The Grinch. She is also one of the New Fifteen Hearts.


This takes place during the events of the original film. She was going to see her best friend, Groopert, until Sonic tells her to stop. She asked him if he and his friends were visiting and they said yes. They later ask who Groopert is and she told them he was her best friend. Like in the original film, she talks with Groopert about her mother working at night instead of day. She also whispers it into Sonic's ear. Everyone promised to help Cindy.



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