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Christopher Heinrichs
Origin Kingdom Hearts:Dividing Lines
Type Human
Role Mercenary/leader of Syndicate
Age 25 (Kingdom Hearts:Dividing Lines)
Home World Fallen City
Family Michael Heinrichs(Father) Gabriela Heinrichs(Mother)
Weapon Hell Fire
Status Alive

"I know what it's like to be an outcast; hated and unwanted.I don't care about your past, join me and you might just have a future." -Christopher Heinrichs on the reason for starting Syndicate.

Christopher Heinrichs is the main character of Kingdom Hearts:Dividing Lines. He is a mercenary who comes from the world of Fallen City. He is one of the Founders and the De Facto leader of Syndicate.


Christopher is aproximatly 5'11 with a medium build, blue eyes, and a fair complection. His hair is Black and styled into a variate of cuts ranging from simple to insane.

Musical Theme


Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

Musical theme